Responsible Gaming

For most people, games of chance and gambling are simply a form of entertainment – a way to relax and have fun. But for a small percentage of the population, gaming can have a negative effect. Club SAPP 314 offers a number of programs to help prevent excessive gambling.

Customer Awareness

Club SAPP 314 will provide on-site materials to help educate patrons about the risks associated with gambling and where to receive help for problem gambling.
Public Education Club SAPP 314 is committed to increasing awareness about problem gambling in the surrounding valley. Through this website and providing useful information to assist the general public in making responsible decisions and informed choices related to gambling.

Staff Training

Club SAPP 314 provides ongoing staff training focused on recognizing the signs and symptoms of problem gambling and where to refer clients for help. Training is provided by the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. Club SAPP 314 is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and providing our customers a positive gaming experience.

Get Gambling Facts!

Visit for information on:

How gambling really works

What’s your gambling I.Q.
Psychology of gambling
Responsibily gambling tips
If gambling is becoming more than just a game for you or anyone you know please call The Addictions Foundation Help Line: 1-800-463-1554.
To visit the AFM website, click here

You are not alone: Problem gambling can affect anyone, but there is help. Recognizing the problem and having desire to stop are all a person needs to begin the recovery process to a healthy lifestyle.

Recreational Gambling:

  • Stay within a budget
  • Losing is not a big deal
  • Does not disrupt life
  • Can take it or leave it

Problem Gambling:

  • Affects relationships, moods and work
  • Hides amount of gambling and losses
  • Constantly thinking about gambling
  • Gambling until money is gone